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Shrivenham Potential Is There - 20 January 2021

chris hurley hellenic league footballThe potential for Shrivenham to climb off the foot of the table is there, according to manager Chris Hurley who spoke to Your Sport Swindon’s George Stratford.

With the current campaign on hold yet again, it appears to be a matter of waiting for the first big dominoes to fall so a decision on whether the season will be concluded, or a resumption of on-pitch action can really begin.  “Personally, I think that the league will come to the common sense to cancel things and look to re-start, hopefully, in June-July later this year in pre-season,” he said in the interview giving his thoughts on the current situation, “it’s more a case of what the league decides to do in terms of restructuring or just expunge [the current results] and start again.” 

With the decision remaining up in the air, the Shrivenham manager clearly favoured a complete re-start in the summer due to the difficult start he’s endured, but was mindful that clubs at the opposite end of the table would see things differently.  “Clubs at the top will want to go for the promotions, clubs at the bottom – me included – will want the league to be cancelled and re-start, which will give me the time to properly re-build and have a preseason and get off to a better start than we did this season,” he continued, but after he joined the club shortly before the season kicked off and was forced to throw together a side just so as games could go ahead during the opening weeks of the campaign, the boss was certain that the corner had been turned and confidence was high, should things have to progress. It’s no surprise that just before lockdown, things started to change. "

“We made some decisions within the management group to change the way we play, we had two friendlies in that gap [against Highworth Town and Calne Town – winning both games] and it was no surprise that the set up started to look better and then we played Brimscombe [& Thrupp – lost 2-1] who were doing really, really well under a really good manager and first half we were a bit poor but second half it was literally all us, we were fantastic – so things were starting to turn round within the football side and since the [current] lockdown, I’ve made two or three new signings and I’m speaking to players all the time, so I did expect us to massively improve and I think if we’d continued, we’d have been fine.” 

Indeed, with the arrival of left-back Josh Coomb from Chipping Sodbury Town and further announcements about to be unlock after a three-month rebuild, things were really looking up, however uncertainty remains with the majority of the 2020-21 campaign, yet to be played.

Concluding he added: "Whatever happens going forward – if we don’t continue, I was happy with the progression we were making, if we do continue, I expect us still to progress. If things don’t continue, I expect at the start of next year, with the nucleus of what we’ve got now and some additional faces, I think we’ll have a much, much better start.” 

You can catch the entire Your Sport Swindon interview here: