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Wrong Step - 4 April

Brimscombe & Thrupp manager Sam Prior believes that the Football Association have taken the wrong step forward in its decision to end the non-league season. Writes up and coming Sports Journalist Oliver Jones .

sam prior brimscombe thruppThis comes just an hour after the FA announced that all football in England below the three divisions that make up the National League will end immediately and every result will be expunged.

Prior (pictured) admits that the FA might have made the call a bit too early however.
“Personally I would’ve liked to have seen the league finished," he said.
"I just don’t see what the rush is. It’s such an unprecedented situation, nobody knows why we’ve had to cancel it so early but there’s obviously a reason behind that we don’t know about. There’s definitely some teams that are going to feel cheated."

Prior felt sympathy for runaway uhlsport Hellenic League Premier Division leaders Westfields who have been denied the title and promotion to the BetVictor Southern League.

“If you don’t promote teams like those then we should all just pack up and go home," he said. “Because the system is shaped like a pyramid, we’re in the Non-League section of that pyramid, so whatever happens for us has to happen for everybody else otherwise it just isn’t fair. Whatever decision is made, it needs to happen for anyone so I wouldn’t be surprised if the National League goes exactly the same way as us."

"It’s just a question on how they promote and relegate, do they base it on points per game, or just null and void the season. They’re not going to please everyone.”

“It’s just disappointing because everyone just enjoys playing football," he said. "We do it because it’s a hobby, and the uncertainty of this whole situation has just got to everyone, you don’t know whether you’re training, whether you’re playing, but now that the decision’s come through, everyone is off for a few months which is a good and a bad thing. The uncertainty has been the killer for everybody.”

Brimscombe were left 17th out of 19 teams after having finished second last term. Prior hopes that next season can be a bit brighter than this one. “Hopefully it’ll be a much better, more promising season than the one we’ve just had and that just helps create a different atmosphere around the club which we’ll try to deliver whenever we can," he said. “I have no doubts that as soon as we’re allowed to, we’ll be approaching next season properly and we’ve already got plans in place for preseason, got all of that taken care of, so we’re just waiting until someone gives the green light.”