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NHS Benefit From Captains Challenge - 4 April

gloucestershire live football blogThe players of Gloucestershire uhlsport Hellenic League Premier Division club Bishop's Cleeve have agreed to donate funds from their team kitty to the NHS fundraising effort. Writes Jon Palmer in Gloucestershire Live.

adam mace bishops cleeve uhlsport Hellenic LeagueMoney in the pot builds up throughout the season, with fines for lateness, dirty boots and any disciplinary issues on the pitch.

Skipper Adam Mace (pictured) has also introduced a 'captain's challenge' at the end of every training session, with the loser putting £5 into the kitty, proving to be a valuable earner this term.

"We had a summer tour planned, but considering current events we had a decent sum left and felt it was right to ask the lads what they thought," Mace said. "The response was superb and the final total is yet to be confirmed, but it'll certainly be three figures.

"A good night out with your mates is a small price to pay when we have people risking their lives 12 hours or more every day.

"That pint will taste a whole lot sweeter when I rinse the lads against next season!"