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Get Kids Going - 11 February

This story dates back to the mid-1980s where a young lad (14 years of age) with a huge potential gets a serious career threatening injury. He was starting to get national recognition as a reasonably decent long-distance runner.

One day, doing one of the many sports he loved, smashed his knee to pieces playing football. As most sports people will have done over their careers, sitting out for a period of time was very difficult to cope with – All he wanted to do was compete and to be the best he could possibly be. Following surgery medical opinion advised him never to run again and that if he tried, he may never walk again.

In 2000 the chance to complete a marathon occurred. This was an opportunity that couldn’t be turned down. This was about survival, self-belief, lifetime ambition. Yes, there were risks, but life is about taking risks. And this was a risk he was prepared to take.

The pain was horrendous, the suffering unbelievable but some how this young man completed it.
His love of cricket got him back in to competing and 11 years ago at the age of 35 he took up football refereeing. He worked his way through the ranks up to the Semi Professional game.

2 years ago, his mother decided to take up running well into her 60s. 10km became easy. Her next target is the London Landmarks Half Marathon just 12 months before her 70th birthday. That same boy is going to be running with his mum as support for her.

There are many charities out there that they could have chosen. www.getkidsgoing.com

They are an organisation which gives disabled children and young people the opportunity to participate in sport. They have inspired British disabled youngsters to compete from start to Paralympic level. They provide grants for training, physiotherapy, equipment, competition fees amongst many other things.
There are hundreds of talented disabled youngsters who have the potential to participate in events throughout the UK and all over the world but receive none or very little funding and are desperate to achieve their life long sporting ambitions.

By sparing a few pounds you can make a difference to many young people’s lives who might not have had that opportunity. A bespoke sports wheelchair costs £4000. Anything we can do towards that would be a massive boost. https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DavidPilling3

david pilling hellenic league refereeIn case you didn’t guess that boy was me (David Pilling uhlsport Hellenic League Match Official). Thank you in advance of anything you have managed to donate and thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Still need inspiration? Please watch this 5 minute video. youtu.be/QElyJFSW37w