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Hellenic League News

2020-2021 Allocation - 9 July

Information was provided at the AGM on 30 June that the uhlsport Hellenic League had submitted a business plan to administer three further Divisions in addition to the present Premier Division which would have a smaller footprint in 2020-2021.

The League received yesterday formal notification from the Chairman of The FA’s Leagues Committee.

“The FA Leagues Committee are pleased to confirm that your League, the UHL, has been awarded the allocation to operate ‘area 9’ at Step 6 from the 2020-2021 season in addition to the Step 5 Division previously allocated.”

“However, the uhsport Hellenic League was not successful in its application to operate ‘area 2’ at Step 5 and ‘area 13’ at Step 6. As we previously informed the League, your current Step 5 division also remains for the UHL to administer.”

Unfortunately this will cause several Premier Division clubs in the ‘East’ of the present footprint to be allocated to other competition/s. It is understood that Step 5 ‘Area 2 may well be administered by the Combined Counties League.

Similarly several Division One EAST clubs within the present footprint will be allocated to other competition/s. This presents a total loss of one Division from the 2019-2020 season Constitution.

Please do not, at this time, clamour for more information as we have none to share with you. Brian King understands that the ‘Non-League Paper will be running an article in Sunday’s edition that may afford more information than we, within the UHL, are able to share with you at this time.