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Financial Picture - 25 July

The Financial Picture for member clubs of The uhlsport Hellenic League. Season 2020/21

Following the ending, and voiding, of Season 2019/20 there has been a lot of conversation about the financial situation of our clubs and of the League itself. Until there was a clear way ahead in terms of a date to kick-off season 2020/21, and the League were informed how many clubs they would have in our National League System Divisions, the financial situation has not been easy to handle.

However as of this week, both of these questions have been answered. In addition, The FA have confirmed that no Step 5 & 6 matches are to take place until paying spectators are allowed at games. This ensures that clubs will have an income.

With this in mind, The Uhlsport Hellenic League confirms that it will not be asking for any monies from NLS and Division Two clubs until 28 days after the date of the first game. This hopefully will allow clubs to gather some much needed finance. Furthermore the amount to be paid to the League will then be split over three payments. The initial one as indicated. The second by the end of November, and the third by the end of January.

Scaled up to cover all clubs in the whole League, then the contribution from League Funds is £44,571

Full details of the Financial Package have been circulated to all Hellenic League Clubs.