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Update From Bob Dalling - 22 April

"I would like to follow up in support of Brian King’s earlier communication on this subject. Firstly I echo the hope that all is well with everyone and their families at your club."

bob dalling "The important message on finance is that:-
‘No club will be asked to pay any monies to the League until after our next season has started’ There are still too many unknowns for definite financial decisions to be made.

I would like next to answer, as best I can, the two questions I have been asked most frequently.

  1. When will the next season start?
    We simply do not know when the new season will start. It is not within our control
    In my personal opinion before a new season can start, the following stages need to take place:-
    o The battle against this virus has to be won as a first step We salute all of those involved in the battle to save lives, care for elderly & sick, and keep our country going. Thank you everyone for keeping to the policies of ‘stay at home’ and ‘social distancing’.
    o The government will need to make the decision to remove ‘social distancing’ at the right time.
    o The FA will then need to decide on when a new season will start at our level of the National League, when it will end and what will be format (full season, short season ……………………..)
    o Leagues & Clubs will need to perform the administration necessary based on The FA decisions (Player Registrations etc...)
    o Clubs will need a pre-season to get players match fit.
    o There can be no return to Lock-Down whilst the above is occurring.
    Personally speaking, I am concerned that the next season may not kick off until as late as 2021. I hope to be proved wrong.
    Whilst this is all going on at our level, in the professional game (Premier Division, English Football League, and the three Divisions that make-up the National League) they have currently yet to decide on how and when to complete their season. There are lots of variables there. These could delay the start of the season at lower levels.
    So the decision on when to start our next season is not clearcut.
  2. Will uhlsport Hellenic League Division One East and Division One West be amalgamated for our next season?
    Part of the FA decision to void the season was that League constitutions would not be changed for next season.
    It is also true that at Division One level a number of clubs have indicated that they will not remain.
    If any changes are necessary, then an FA decision will be made. This is not in the League remit.
    It should be said that amalgamation is not the route that we would support.

    Once we have further information to pass on to member clubs we will advise clubs accordingly on that which we consider will present a positive conclusion for uhlsport Hellenic League member clubs."

If you have other questions please email (preferably) or call myself and Brian.
We will do our level best to provide the answers.g.

Bob Dalling
uhlsport Hellenic League