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Hellenic League News

Matters Of Concern To Member Clubs - 21 April

With no end in sight, at present, with regard to the current pandemic we need to keep member clubs aware of activities and discussions that are ongoing with the governing body and within the uhlsport Hellenic League Executive.

brian king hellenic leagueBrian King (pictured) informs

"You will be totally aware of all the recent happenings concerning FA decisions and John Ostinelli has forwarded relevant copies to uhlsport Hellenic League club Secretary. Which have also been published on this site.

No doubt you will have read from within Media sources the various approaches that other competitions are implementing to reduce the financial impact on their member clubs which seem to be different in each item that is issued. The uHL is addressing the many issues we need to consider and look at in resolving the many issues that the ‘Covid19’ pandemic has brought to us. We are very concerned with regard to the early closure to competitive football but agree that this was necessary to safeguard as many of the UK population as is possible.

At this time we are still gathering information to help us with our decision making. To that end it would be useful to have any constructive views from member clubs that may be considered prior to formulating the manner in which we deliver a package to assist member clubs.

We are looking at various issues which include the following aspects but are not limited to just these matters;

  1. Player Registration & Transfer Invoices have not, at this time, been released as we are looking at ways to lessen the cost impact for 2019-2020 Registrations & Transfers.
  2. There are a number of League Disciplinary matters still to be finalised which are presently held in abeyance.
  3. The annual ‘Respect & Fair Play Awards’ have still to be finalised but are a requirement of the contract that we have with sponsors 'uhlsport'.
  4. The Annual Sponsors Package is another aspect that is a contractual requirement with our sponsors 'uhlsport'.
  5. Annual Membership charges is another item under discussion.
  6. The Annual Seminar & General Meeting day is scheduled for SUNDAY 14 JUNE, at our usual venue, Burford School. Presently the school is under total lockdown and all bookings have been suspended.
  7. Final Point is to assure member clubs that no requests for outstanding monies will be made until we have a firm date for the league season 2020-2021 to commence.

    Once we have further information to pass on to member clubs we will advise clubs accordingly on that which we consider will present a positive conclusion for UHL member clubs."

If you have any constructive views to offer please send to myself with a copy to the Chairman – Bob Dalling.

Brian King
Chief Executive
uhlsport Hellenic League