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FA Meetings Re Next Season - 11 February

Many of you will be aware that on Sunday February 2 The FA held two meetings relating to next season. 

These are mainly relevant to our Premier and Division One clubs.

The National Leagues Meeting was attended by Bob in Leicester.

The main things that were presented were:-

- The need for Child Protection by all clubs. 

- Maps of the geographic areas at Steps 5&6. They showed a ‘snap-shot’ look-see based on club league positions as at December 27. Obviously they are without promotion and relegation considerations. 

- The promise is that all divisions at Step 5 (our Premier) will have a minimum of 20 teams and those at Step 6 (our Division One) will have a Minimum of 18.

- The maps are to be sent to the Leagues for distribution to clubs, in advance of publishing in the Non League Press.

- Following a question raised at the Meeting by The UHL the date for the Play-off matches for Step 5 to Step 4 has been confirmed as Saturday May 2 (or Sunday May 3 with agreement of both clubs) - this could potentially have an impact on our Cup Final dates. 

- There was also discussion about bringing the round dates for each County FA Cup Competition into line to aid with fixture setting.

- Comments were made about the delay in the announcement of The Step 4 fixtures at the season start. Many Leagues expressed unhappiness as this places unnecessary pressure on largely volunteer work-force. 

The FA Referees Department meeting was attended by Brian in Coventry;

  1. A new structure for Level 4 Referee’s will be introduced for season 2020-2021. 
  2. The Uhlsport Hellenic League will continue to be staffed with Level 4 referees in Premier and Division One matches.
  3. A number of Step 6 competitions, mainly around London, will not be staffed by Level 4 Referee’s but by Level 5 Referees sourced from local CFA’s.
  4. Referee Observers will still attend to Observe on Step 5 & 6 matches utilising the Observation scheme that has been trialled in the National League North & South. This scheme will, in 2020-2021 onwards, operate across Steps 2 to 6 for all matches played in the National League System.
  5. It is anticipated that a greater number of Level 4 Referee’s will be drawn from the Glos’ FA & Wilts’ FA as many from Berks & Bucks FA will move to competitions commensurate with their home location.

As any further news that is received from either department of the FA we will ensure that such information is relayed to member clubs.

Finally may we take this opportunity to advise that the foregoing changes do not impact on Division TWO football which will still operate outside of the National League System. 

I hope that this brings everyone up to date.

Regards - Brian & Bob
Bob Dalling & Brian King
uhlsport Hellenic League