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Hellenic League News

john ostinelli hellenic leagueHellenic League Update - 9 July

Hopefully all is well with you, your families and colleagues. This is issued to all clubs as an update to current thinking on a few matters at this time.

Firstly – we still do NOT have any news to report on possible start dates for training or the 2020/2021 season despite any unconfirmed rumours you may have heard or read about on social media. We are awaiting guidance and direction from the FA. Similarly we are awaiting confirmation of our Constitution for Premier and Division One Divisions to which we have no input as the FA have responsibility for these allocations. We are anticipating an update from our governing body next week and as soon as we have any news, I will circulate to all clubs.

Secondly – Hellenic League AGM. We are currently working on a ‘virtual’ AGM that has been devised by our Webmaster. It will be based on the software and structure used for the website and has been accepted for use by the FA. From personal previous experiences and feedback from other organisations who have used such medium, It was decided that holding a Teams / Zoom type AGM for 80+ clubs would be unmanageable so it was agreed to follow this innovative approach. Essentially once a date is identified we will send out to all clubs the usual package of AGM information for you to read  and identify any questions. They must be fed back to myself and we will provide responses by the AGM date. Any voting will be handled by using an electronic link.

More information will follow, but just to point out that each club Chairman and Secretary will be expected to go through the output and respond as having ’attended’.

Thirdly – It seems several clubs have announced new signings for the coming season so just to emphasis, if you do sign players on for Season 2020/21, please ensure you use the updated Registration Form found on the website: https://www.hellenicleague.co.uk/admin/playerregistration.pdf

Please be aware that until the FA have confirmed our Constitution, we cannot create the necessary information in Whole Game / Full Time so you will need to keep any Registration Forms until given the green light to submit them to the League via WGS for approval / acceptance. 

Also a word of caution – if a player signs more than one Registration Form (i.e. for two clubs in the same League) and both are submitted for registration, he will be deemed to have been registered for the club for whom he signed first by date he signed as per the Registration Form.

Lastly, I just wanted to inform you of some news recently received of one of our Vice Presidents, Hugh Arnold, who I am aware many of you know and have spoken with over the years. He contacted me recently to say he had suffered a minor stroke back in mid-June and was in hospital in Dursley. He said there had been no repercussions and was hopeful of a full recovery. I sent him our best wishes and hopefully Hugh is home and recovering now. I’ll contact him again soon for an update, but in the meantime I’m sure he is sent best wishes from all clubs.

Whilst we are all keen and eager to get football moving again at the earliest opportunity, we are still mindful that player, official, management and all club officer safety is paramount so any decision to restart has to be made with this in mind. 

Keep safe and best regards

John Ostinelli
League Secretary