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Hellenic League News

Hellenic Cup Eligibility - 3 February

Windsor have been disqualified from the Banbury Litho Floodlit Cup this season after being found guilty of fielding and ineligible player. They are not the first club to be denied progress in cup competitions through administration failures and probably will not be the last.

According to a Windsor spokesman they "would’ve had to spend several hours" to ascertain if the player was eligible or not. That is incorrect, though possibly several minutes.

Can't blame the Windsor spokesman for his comments, because to most they are probably true. And from experience with FA Full Time no person has a definitive guide, that includes the FA, County FA, the Hellenic League Executive, and those who try their hardest at the sharp end.

However there is a format of finding this information in minutes not hours.

Taking the problems explained all clubs will be a step ahead by adopting the following procedure, which based on Windsor's problem involving Danny Horscroft in the game against Burnham.

1 The club secretary is aware of what players they have transferred in to his club from other league club's during the season. He then needs to check if they have been involved in any Hellenic Cup competions and ensure that if they have they are used in any forthcoming game in that competition.

2 Select FA Full Time website

Then Cup/Competiton required.

3 You know from the transfer details which club the player was transferred from so check the team sheet details from the games the players previous club has played in.

4 If the players name shows as starting any game in that competition or being a used substitute, you do not play him.

This Applies to all Hellenic League Cup Games.