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Hellenic League News

League Fixture Pause Announcement - 1 January 2021

Following on from the decision to pause our fixtures until January 15 2021 at the earliest, I would thank everyone for the messages of support. Clearly we are all as one in terms the health of our players, volunteer work-force, management and officials. The Covid infection, and sadly death, rates are continuing to rise. As a League we do not intend to add any fuel to this fire.

Impact of Government Announcement
On December 30 the Government Announcement extended the Tier 3 & 4 areas across our region which has not enhanced our prospects of resuming our fixture program in the short term. We now only have clubs in these two Tier levels. The next Government Announcement is not expected until January 13.

Fixture Options
Clubs located inside Tier 4:- 
-          All UHL clubs are not allowed to play or train. Players that live in Tier 4 cannot play for clubs in lower Tiers. Therefore no fixtures are possible
Clubs located within Tier 3:-
-          National League System (NLS) Level i.e. Premier + Division One E&W – NLS Clubs have an exemption to allow travel and hosting other NLS clubs located below Tier 4. The reality here is that clubs will not do either on the grounds of Health and Finance. Hence fixtures are not viable
-          At Grassroots Level (Division Two & Veterans) – Clubs can only play host and travel to others in their own Tier 3 District. This makes the fixture lists unviable.

Going Forward
In early January there is an FA Council Meeting to discuss the Covid situation
On January 2 there is a ‘Teams’ meeting of all Chairperson of Leagues at Steps 5&6 

The Hellenic League are requesting the following issues to be tabled.
1)      Policy statement from The FA. Realistically, with the infection rate rising, we cannot see situation improving to safely allow matches to take place, for some time.  However issues such as completing the season, season ending, promotion & relegation, and starting next season, need addressing.
2)      Financial Support for our clubs to help them simply stand still
3)      Get the Step 5&6 re-structuring done. Meeting of The NLS with The UHL required.

The League Management pauses League fixtures for the foreseeable future. 
It will communicate a minimum of a fortnightly update to all clubs.
When partial or full resumption is possible, Clubs will have up to 10 days of notice before League fixtures recommence.

Going on previous start dates this season The FA are likely to use the initial few Saturdays for FA Vase ties. 

Information from Clubs – Help Please.
What would be really appreciated are club views on the above, especially the ‘Going Forward’ and ‘Summary’ sections? Please send these to all three below:
John Ostinelli League Secretary  secretary@hellenicleague.co.uk
Brian King Football Operations Manager     baking83@ntlworld.com
Bob Dalling League Chairman robert.dalling3@gmail.com

Bob Dalling, Chairman uhlsport Hellenic League

May I also take this opportunity to wish you all and your families a Happy & Healthy New Year, and hope that 2021 allows everyone to return to some form of normality in the not too distant future.