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Step 3 Roadmap Confirmation - 11 May

Please find an FA Press release in relation to the Government confirming that England will move to Step 3 of the roadmap on May 17th.

Press Release

We are delighted that this step of the roadmap will allow for spectators to return to NLS grounds alongside the return of indoor seated hospitality (guidance on hospitality settings) . The new limits for spectators allows us to announce a new Phase 3 of National League System Spectators which we hope will help with clarity on this phase against our other spectator guidanceThe government guidance (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-organised-events-guidance-for-local-authorities/coronavirus-covid-19-organised-events-guidance-for-local-authorities#roadmap-step-3) applies to all events.

Phase 3: 
Either: (1) 50% of the ground grading capacity of the step level of the home club / 50% of the certified calculated capacity of the ground OR (2) 4000, whichever is lower.

The majority of clubs will be using a calculation based on option (1) and for the avoidance of doubt a certified calculated capacity must be undertaken and evidenced, otherwise the club MUST use the ground grading capacity of the step level club.

This new phase follows on from Phase 1 (15%) and Phase 2 (30%) utilised for non elite spectators throughout the 2020-21 season.

We will update as always when we know what the changes mean for Step 4 and pre-season / 21-22 season when we can

Best wishes,
James Earl

National League System Manager
Football Operations Division