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Malvern Town News

Malvern Promoted - 18 May 2021

chris pinder malvern town chairmanMalvern Town Chairman, Chris Pinder, has issued the following statement after his club was awarded promotion into the Hellenic League Premier Division.

“Everyone at Malvern Town FC is extremely relieved and happy that The FA have taken the decision to facilitate our upwards promotion to Step 5".

“Knowing the certainty of the maths when we were surveyed back in January, of course, we strongly advocated for an outcome based on PPG across the last two seasons, and we are grateful that this hard-to-criticise decision has been adopted by The FA. We always felt that null-and-voiding past seasons wrongly penalised clubs like us, and it was galling to see the hard work of the players and staff wasted when we were on a trajectory to be promoted."

“We’re also very happy to be remaining in the Hellenic League structure. After our lateral movement from the West Midlands (Regional) League two (curtailed) seasons ago, the club and its supporters have enjoyed the geography of the Hellenic League, the new venues and teams we have visited. Looking ahead to life in the Hellenic Premier League with a brand new set of opponents, we are relishing the challenge of competing at a higher standard and can’t wait to get started again."

“After our £1m+ investment in 2019, many will agree that we now have one of the best stadiums in the League and we are ready and deserved of our promotion. However, the work doesn't stop on or off-the-pitch to achieve our big vision for the club. As a not-for-profit community interest company, we will continue to reinvest in further improving our facilities for both players and spectators, which we hope will please our growing fan base and keep us financially sustainable as we go through the step levels for years to come."

“Thank you for your support and see you very soon!”