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Better Experience For Those Involved - 3 November

An Uhlsport Hellenic League referee recently officiated a Division Two fixture and forwarded to me an interesting aspect which, I believe, is contributing towards a better experience for those involved in games since the implementation of ‘Sin Bin’ temporary dismissals for players offering DISSENT to the controlling referee.

‘As is my usual practice I advised both Team Manager's and Captain's of the Sin Bin process prior to the game and was advised by the home Manager that since having the same player sin binned twice he has introduced his own management process if any player is sin binned twice. Quite simply put, the manager stated that he will not be considering such a player for selection for the next three games. The Manager said this action has seen a dramatic improvement in on-field dissent which in turn has seen an improvement in the team’s performance as they are now playing football instead of arguing with the officials.

In this game I had one player shout a comment of a dissentious nature to me, I managed this by calling the Captain over and advising him to sort the player out as a further incident would see him sent to the Sin Bin. Immediately the player apologised to me as at the same time, his Manager, shouted to his player to shut up and play football or I will substitute you immediately. This had the desired affect and I did not have any further dissent from any player for the remainder of the game, which was played in an excellent spirit and allowed me to concentrate on ensuring my match decisions were properly made and also allowed me to have a greater enjoyment of the match’.  

Excellent comments on the success of ‘Sin Bin’ usage to combat Dissent. The question going forward is would there be a positive effect if the FA extended the process to include STEP 5 & 6 football?

Brian King & an un-named UHL Referee.

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