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Easington v Tytherington - 27 August

steve howkins hellenic leagueThe game between Easington Sports and Tytherington Rocks in Uhlsport Hellenic League One West was held up yesterday through an unfortunate injury to Sports player Steve Howkins (pictured left).

The Sport's front man's injury was an unfortunate accident. He  received the ball to feet back to goal close to the 6 yard box and the  goalkeeper slid out to block what he thought was going to be a turn and  shot. Steve flicked the ball towards the penalty spot but in doing this  he was left with one leg planted on the floor which the goalkeeper's  momentum took him into. 

luri esteves hellenic leagueFortunately Paramedics were on site having been called to attended to Rock's player Luri Esteves (right) who had complained that he could not see very well. At first it was felt  that it might be dehydration but his condition did not improve so they called the paramedic. The paramedics decided Luri did not need to go to hospital based on their assessment. 

The injury to Steve Howkins happened in the 67th minute of play. It was  a very serious injury and extremely fortunate the paramedics were  just walking around the pitch to leave when it happened. Steve was taken to hospital, where his injury has been diagnosed as dislocated ankle, and all the associated damage this causes, and a cracked tibia and fibia which will be pinned during an operation later this afternoon. 

Following discussion between the match officals and team management, after Steve was transported to hospital the decision was taken to play out the remaining time of the fixture.

All involved with the Hellenic League wish both players a full and speedy recovery.

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