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Management Position - 30 March

Chinnor FC are looking to appoint a new First Team Manager in time for the 2018/19 season.

Chinnor Football Club currently supports 9 teams. We have our first team and reserves in the Hellenic League, our Development squad in the Oxford Senior League and our A Team in the Oxford City League. On top of that we have 3 veterans teams and 2 ladies teams. The new Manager will will command the full support of the committee and have excellent facilities at his/her disposal.

Applications are invited from individuals with experience at Hellenic level who will probably have a network of contacts and a base of players they can call on for support. We are looking for someone who is capable of delegation and with a commitment to improving the clubs disciplinary record. Applications are invited from within and from outside the club.

This process starts in the knowledge that at this time we have NOT had confirmation of our Hellenic League status confirmed for next year, but this is expected one way or the other soon and applications should be based on the assumption that we will be accepted.

Applications To:
Daryl Ridgley
Chairman Chinnor Football Club


Chinnor Manager Resigns - 26 March

james tovey hellenic leagueIt is with some sadness that this weekend Chinnor have accepted the resignation of first team manager, James Tovey.

Chinnor chairman Daryl Ridgley stated. "James (pictured) made great efforts to change the thinking at our club and our playing staff will look back at probably the toughest pre-season regime the club has ever seen, which has produced probably the fittest players in the clubs history. We look back and remember on-site treatment of injury's, physio's and martial arts during training sessions. Sadly, despite out playing even some of the top teams in our division we have not managed to turn all of this good work in to a healthy league position. James leaves the club with his head held high and will I understand be looking for a similar position in another club."

"I would also like to thank Wes Ogle who has assisted James and especially Craig Johnston who has not left his position as Assistant Manager but has family business in Scotland and may not be available for the remaining games."

"With only 3 games of the season left Tom Folley will take charge of the team with the clubs support and we start the hunt for a new Manager. I would personally like to thank James and his team for all their effort and commitment and wish them all the best wherever football may take them."


Good Wishes - 27 June

Daryl Ridgley add's further to his comments made last week concerning the management departure at Chinnor.

"As widely known Ryan Davis and his coaching team have decided to move on from the club citing work commitments and some issues that they felt were not easy to correct." writes Ridgley. "The club would like to express their gratitude to Ryan and his team for all the hard work they have put in during what proved to be a very difficult season both on and off the pitch."

"Ryan's appointment came late in the off-season giving him very little time to build a management team and to bring any new players in. We hope that in the fullness of time the enormity of Ryan's efforts will be evident in the future success of the club that would not have been possible without Ryan's steady hand and approach to the job."

" Ryan takes with him Assistant and Coach Gary Marshall, who rightly challenged the club and came forward with a number of good ideas. Gary gains respect not only for his work with the team but also for his organisational skills and for a very successful golf day that we hope will become an annual event."

"Whether the pair stay in the club or move on to pastures new they go with their heads held high and our best wishes."


The King Is Dead ? - 20 June

daryl ridgley hellenic leagueChinnor executive commitee member Daryl Ridgley comments; "You will have all heard the phrase 'The King is Dead, Long Live the King'. Chinnor FC can confirm that Ryan Davis' short reign as Manager has now come to an end.

Ridgley (pictured) continues. "As with any club that has the facilities that we have we are always talking to interested parties just in case something like this happens and whilst we never expected Ryan to leave the club will note that an air of calm prevails, and there is no panic. The reason for this is that within a day of hearing the news the club had entered in to talks with 3 interested parties without the need to advertise the role and we expect to be able to make an announcement this week about a new appointment."

"That will come as no surprise given that we have just invested £1.4M in new club and changing facilities and we believe our facilities are amongst the best in the league."

"Managers at this club have always had the full backing of the committee with responsibility for all football matters leaving politics, finance and discipline to the committee."

"The club enters the new season with its largest ever playing staff and 9 teams (2 more than last season) and is an attractive proposition to players and Managers alike, given that it is now one of the largest clubs in Oxfordshire.
This year the committee (assuming the okay from our AGM next week) will be bolstered with the return of an old face and at least two new faces."

"Why wouldn't you want to be a part of this ever developing set-up? So whomever is appointed, good luck, and 'Long Live The King' "


Davis Leaves Chinnor - 19 June

ryan davis hellenic leagueFormer Chinnor manager Ryan Davis has spoken out about what prompted the shock resignation of him and his assistant Gary Marshall last week.

"There hasn't been a big falling out but in truth it has been brewing for a while now", Davis (pictured) said. "Last season was always likely to be a transitional one but from the off I was trying to identify areas where we could improve on and off the pitch to be more competitive. Off the pitch it felt we were under resourced compared to other clubs - on a home matchday, it often felt like as a management team we were fighting fires, not able to focus fully on football. I don't think it's a coincidence most of our best results were away, when we could just concentrate on preparing properly."

"I wanted to challenge the players to raise their standards this year but you can only do that if you've got your house in order off the pitch. The committee are taking a longer term view, which is their prerogative, but I felt at best we would be treading water this year and when you see similar clubs overtaking you, that's frustrating and ultimately why I chose to leave."

Of his own future plans, Davis remains open minded: "Nothing really prepares you for what management at this level entails - it's stressful, hard work, and can keep you up at night but you love it despite all that. I'm enjoying the break but come August, you want to be at football on a Saturday, so I'll be looking to get back involved in some capacity as soon as I can."


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